Chance The Rapper Countinues to Count His “Blessings” in ESPN x NBA Hype Video


The 2016-2017 NBA season is finally upon us and the NBA has teamed up with ESPN and Chance The Rapper to get everyone ready for what’s sure to be a memorable season. Set to “Blessings” off his ‘Coloring Book‘ album, the minute long video profiles today’s greats and reminds everyone on what it took to get here, and that they made it. Are you ready?

It’s wild how Chance keeps showing up all of these major label rappers, while staying true to himself as an independent. He’s landed himself the new KitKat jingle, been on Fallon, Ellen, Good Morning America, has worked with Nike and the Olympics, performed at the ESPYs, and even had Kanye say he’s his favorite rapper. The sky is the limit… that is until he’s the first rapper to perform in space. Calling it now.

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