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Lady Gaga just dropped her fourth studio album. This review is maybe just a tad overly critical of Lady Gaga‘s, Joanne, but the Atlantic has quite a penchant for being pretentious.

The once-singular Gaga has played up the image of her as a bandleader this time out, touting the work of the executive producer Mark Ronson—the vinyl-era fetishist of Amy Winehouse and “Uptown Funk” fame—as well as the Top 40 tinkerer BloodPop, the Nashville hitmaker Hillary Lindsey, and the indie rockers Kevin Parker and Josh Homme. – The Atlantic

Judging from the numerous salutary salutations from fans female, and male, persuasions on socials, it is safe to say they are pleased.
Remnant of the pop icon’s freshman and sophomore albums The Fame [Monster] and Born This Way respectively, which profess the very sentiments embodied in this album, Joanne appeals to a very specific audience with this first lady in her finest and truest form, but can be appreciated by all because of her big talent. Like the track “You and I”, off Born This Way the sound most prominent on this album, country and theatrical synonymously, is influenced by ‘Nashville hitmaker Hillary Lindsey.’

This album is pop goes country in all the right ways.

Gaga took to instagram and had this to say about the album:

“We built our musical family of no rules pop cowboy dance soul funk rock.”

To insinuate, as the Atlantic does, that the label orchestrated this statement devalues the credit and talent of an entertainment icon, and the entire team. It is, in fact, a bit ridiculous to fault a pop artist for having a team of gangster ass musicians, writers, and producers to make a stellar album come to fruition.

Great song titles that mess with the devil and religion and all things Gaga, with lyrics blessed with feeling just because the — in her voice that makes them anything but cliche. Filled with love ballads and political messages, and in true Gaga style, a lot a bit of everything else. Dance your ass off to “A-YO”, scream out for femininity and identity with Florence Welch and Gaga on “Hey Girl”, about a 4 am girl bonding experience, and tearjerkers like “Angel Down”, IMHO the best track on this album and a perfect piece of music, and “Million Reasons”. All else is chills and heart wrenches.

This is Gaga at her finest with all the right pieces together, production and otherwise. It is like the satisfaction we didnt get from Artpop and all the best parts of The Fame(Monster) and Born This Way; again, in the humblest of opinions.

Grab some tissues and put your paws up, cause baby we were born this way.

Download: Lady Gaga – Joanne

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