Rumor Has It Jay Z Says “Can’t Stand Kanye…”


Since Kanye’s now infamous Saint Pablo Tour in Seattle show last Tuesday. Media has been reaching out to Kanye’s “Big Brother” and mentor Jay Z for a response to Mr. West’s statements on Tidal, not coming by after Ye’s wife’s robbery, and Watch the Throne 2.

Well it looks like Hov may have voiced his opinion on the show-stopping rant after all. New York’s Page Six broke an exclusive story last Thursday of Jay Z allegedly labelling his longtime collaborator a, “Nut Job” told to them by music insiders.

Throughout the story, sources say Jay Z can’t stand Kanye West. Further elaborating Jay’s thoughts by saying that Ye and Jay’s relationship has never been what it seems. Jay only tolerates Kanye and can only do so in “small doses”. Lastly revealing that Jay looks at Kanye as a “Crazy eccentric motherfucker, and we all know it.”

Jay Z and Kanye West’s relationship originally began back in 2000. Found by Jay Z former business partner Dame Dash, after signing a production deal with Jay Z’s Roc-a-Fella Records, Kanye and Jay worked together on Jigga’s most influential album of his career, The Blueprint. Years to come, the two would create some of Jay Z’s biggest hits of his career. In 2011, Yeezy and Jay formed a superpower duo known as The Throne and dropped their hugely-successful debut self-titled album. Kanye and Jay spent a majority of two years together touring globally in support of the Watch the Throne album.

The last time we heard Kanye and Jay together was early-2016 when an unreleased version of Drake’s “Pop Style” surfaced featuring The Throne. The duo’s three year absence and reason for The Throne not being on the song was revealed last Tuesday by Kanye himself. But are Kanye’s claims true?

On a side note, many may not remember this but a couple years ago. Rumors surfaced of the reason behind there not being a sequel to Watch the Throne originally was due to the fact that Kanye West owed Jay Z millions for involvement in the original project. It was reported back in 2014 that Kanye owed Jay $5 million dollars and caused a rift in their relationship. Later that year, it was also reported that Kanye paid Jay and undisclosed amount and it was back to business as usual.

Jay Z is the owner of music streaming service Tidal. Kanye West is also a part owner in Tidal and originally exclusively released his latest album on the streaming service.

Many outlets feel Kanye West’s Seattle rant was in bad taste being him and Jay are close friends and could have resolved the issues in a private manner. Everyone knows that Jay moves in silence, while Yeezus has always been known to make a scene.

Kanye continues to run through his Saint Pablo tour which recently announced a second leg leading into New Year’s Eve. While Jay Z has reportedly just wrapped a Bonnie and Clyde-concept collaboration album with wife Beyonce but no word on official release.

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