DJ Mag Announces Martin Garrix As The Top DJ Of 2016…But There’s More


Well it’s that time of year again – DJ Mag‘s announcement of their Top 100 DJ’s of 2016. As many of you know, the number one spot went to Martin Garrix this year, making him the youngest Artist to win the esteemed title…ever! So a big congrats to Garrix and all that he’s accomplished at such a young age – truly amazing!

Other than the news of Garrix taking the top spot, there were certainly some surprises on this list – many of which people aren’t too happy about.

Take #26 for example – Kygo. Understandably, not everyone loves his music, as Tropical House isn’t for everyone, but did anyone forget that he played at the closing ceremony at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio?? No other EDM artist has done that before.

#33 – DJ Chetas. Still puzzled about this one. Feel free to throw down some comments if you have some solutions to this one.

#40 – Jack Ü. Really shocked by this one, as they had one of the most streamed and bought EDM Albums of 2016, not to mention their hit track, “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber has close to ONE BILLION plays on YouTube at the moment. They also played at pretty much every major festival this year. The other top 39 artists didn’t all do that…

#44 – Major Lazer. Why? Here’s a list of artists who made the list higher than them. Shogun (#42), Aly & Fila (#41), Florian Picasso (#38), Swanky Tunes (#27), DVBBS (#24) – didn’t they get in some serious trouble for some sexual allegations a few months ago? Yeah they did. Ummet Ozcan (#19). Not to take anything away from any of these previous artists, but c’mon DJ Mag…

#53 – Deorro – Potentially had one of the best tracks of 2016 with “Five More Hours” featuring Chris Brown.

#64 – Dillon Francis – refer to the Major Lazer list. Remind us again why Francis is so low on the list?

#66 – Eric Prydz – this one right here is arguably the most notable on the list. Prydz is a legend and his ‘Opus’ Album is just too good for him to be #66 on this list. Also, there have been rumors that he’ll be touring with Deadmau5 in the near future and just locked down the headlining spot at Denver’s New Year’s Eve Festival – Decadence…which has a stacked lineup btw.

We could continue down the list, but at the end of the day, does it really matter? People will like the music they like and vote for the artists THEY think are deserving of receiving a vote…and that’s how the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list goes. For the full list (1-100), check it out HERE. If Garrix hadn’t been #1, who do you think should’ve won? Or did we just open Pandora’s Box with that?

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!