Snoop Dogg Goes EDM And You Might Recognize It… From Major Lazer’s “Cold Water”


Jacky Greco just recently put out a new EDM track called “Blow,” with the legendary Snoop Dogg featured on it. At a first listen, you might just be stoked that Snoop is into the EDM game now, but upon a little closer listen, that excitement may have been felt already…like the time you first heard Major Lazor, Bieber and ‘s track, “Cold Water.”

We’re not pointing fingers here, or implying that Snoop’s latest feature is a straight rip of “Cold Water,” but after listening to both several times, there are SOME resemblances. It’s really tough to hear since “Blow” is at a much higher BPM than “Cold Water,” and the pitches are so different.

Regardless, take a listen to both and let us know what you think. Is “Blow” just a sped up version of “Cold Water?” Or are the rumor mills firing on all cylinders right now?

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!