Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Drug Dealer (Ft. Ariana Deboo)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released a politically charged, honest, and emotional track called “Drug Dealer,” attacking big pharma and getting personal with an audience plagued by prescription drug abuse. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory, citing the accidental overdoses of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Amy Winehouse, calling out the hypocrisy of a system that benefits from the tragedies of those affected:

“My drug dealer was a doctor, doctor / Had the plug from big pharma, pharma / I think he trying to kill me, kill me / He tried to kill me for a dollar, dollar.”

Macklemore teamed up with MTV in a documentary entitled, “Prescription for Change,” exposing the horrors of prescription drug dependency through individuals struggling with addiction, and emphasizing its seriousness in an exclusive sit down with POTUS, Barack Obama.

Catch the Full Episode of “Prescription for Change,” here.

The rapper tells a story of tragedy and triumph in the gory details of this epidemic, through the bars of this chilling tune. The track appropriately ends with the hopeful and helpful Serenity Prayer:

“So God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Download: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Drug Dealer (Ft. Ariana Deboo)

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