Stream Habstrakt’s ‘French Press’ EP [Never Say Die Records]

Habstrakt is an exception in this new world order of regurgitating old, same name genres that forget completely from whence they came. Churning out the heaviest and dirtiest of face-twisting, brain-melting music that is remnant of dubstep days past; Habstrakt a true testament to what has come before him, but not exactly like any one thing that has already been.

The French soundsmith’s aptly titled EP, French Press, dropped October 2 on Never Say Die Records. It is dark, strong, and gritty, just like drinking French Press coffee, with the same bite that will rearrange your face. Ambient interludes in the intro entitled ‘Infinite’ are interjected with jarring beats and screaming sound bytes.
Drinking French Press coffee will put some hair on your chest, so to speak. This French Press EP will similarly shock the senses. A piping hot fresh press of some gourmet French roasted ground up and submerged in boiling hot water, prepared by plunging all of the taste into a liquid form. Drink it up.

Download: Habstrakt – French Press EP

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