Listen to Unreleased Kid Cudi and Kanye West



When it comes to internet beef, it is as GangStarr once said, “you won’t do nothing but cook.” The internet is not real life, and either are all these rap beefs. The only shots fired come in the form of a hashtag or post on the gram with a greasy cheesesteak.

Take Kanye West and Kid Cudi for example. Considering their erratic temperaments and eccentric personalities, there is nothing shocking or noteworthy about either or both of them yelling things about each other through a microphone. It certainly doesn’t consequent a ‘rap beef,’ nor is it really even news.

Ye then of course called Cudi the “most influential artist of the past 10 years” to settle things.

Whether the above is newsworthy may be debatable, but what is noteworthy about these two names together in 2016 is this unreleased gem that has recently surfaced, while we await Kid cudi’s new album. Ironically, it is a message to all their haters which is maybe even preeminently about their own selves: Minds. Blown.

So cook the beef and shut out all the noise with the leak of this unreleased, early version of Kid Cudi’s song, “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now,” featuring Ye, apparently entitled “Don’t Look In My Eyes“:

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