Sean Turk Starts Bedroom Bass Movement With Sexy Stalking Gia Remix

Today marks 6 months since Sean Turk launched this project. Since then he has signed an official remix to Warner Music Group, aired on the radio 4 times (one of those being the largest radio station in New Zealand), racked up several million plays online, and topped the Hypem charts with all 5 releases. There’s a reason he has another Warner Music Group signing releasing soon.

Sean has been in the studio nonstop week after week and he had this to say about the progress so far,

“I worked a long time and spent thousands of hours on my craft. I was always trying to create music that would draw emotions out from people. I wanted my audience or even just ONE person to feel the same way I did when the record was created. To finally see things unfold is such a blessing honestly.” -Sean Turk

Download: Stalking Gia – Second Nature (Sean Turk Remix) | Hypem

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