Borgore Teases Huge Hip Hop Collaboration, Addresses Illuminati, Talks Lil Dicky & More [Exclusive Interview]


New York City’s Electric Zoo Festival went off flawlessly with perfect weather and a diverse lineup but there was something special and epic in the air on the third day. The crowd was especially turned up because the almighty Buygore Stage was there to take over the final day. It was the largest stage that the label had ever held; boasting a stacked lineup of EDM and Hip-Hop acts including Juicy J, GTA, Lil Dicky, Getter, Styles & Complete, Valentino Khan, and of course the label founder himself, Borgore.

Prior to our interview, Lil Dicky’s manager was kind enough to let us join their entourage as they went on stage to prepare for his set. As we walked up the steps with Dicky and crew we were greeted by Borgore who was rocking his signature tie-die Buygore tee and introduced himself to Dicky, chatted a bit, and took a picture with him for good measure.

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Later when I asked about their interaction and the possibility of a collaboration, he swiftly responded:

“100%…Lil Dicky’s lyrics are so fire…Every video is killing it. Lil Dicky’s huge”

…so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that that happens.

Dicky then went on stage and rocked what was probably the largest crowd of the day (See Photo Album HERE), much to the delight of Borgore and team who were watching in awe. Halfway through his set we walked with Borgore about 100 yards out behind the stage into a field of grass which had an amazing view of not only an epic sunny New York City skyline but also of a slew of crazed fans who couldn’t help but distract him during our interview…. more on that later. First we started by discussing his latest EP ‘Keep It Sexy’ and how the G-Eazy-featured banger Forbes came about.

“Last year I got a new house in the hills and Forbes wrote about it so I made a track called “Bitch I got into Forbes” or some shit like that. I just put some dumb lyrics on it but made a FIRE drop and I was thinking, ‘it’s good but I know it could be better.’ Sent it to G-Eazy. He loved the concept. He re-wrote the whole lyrics and made it much better. It came out amazing.”

At this point the sight of three fans twerking in Yellow rave shorts overwhelmed him and he couldn’t resist. “Steven, Snapchat this chick twerking!” he yelled. “Justin, Yellow bottoms. Twerking. Snapchat!!!”


Such is the life of Borgore. He apologized and then moved on to discuss his upcoming work.

“What’s coming out is I’m working on a bunch of singles right now. Most of them are going back to like my roots in a way, very dubstep-ish….Hard to concentrate. *girls twerking* But I have a huge feature I’m working on. It’s going to be lit. It is lit. It’s going to be a hip hop dropping into dubstep. I’m sorry I’m giving you the most scattered interview ever. I’m just trying to handle everything and this.”

When I asked him about his most memorable moment of the Buygore Tour so far he said,

“I think this is going to make memories. Today is a fucking great day. This is like the sickest lineup we’ve ever done. We’ve done Escapade in Canada. And we usually like to throw an annual pool party in Miami outside of Ultra that is well-known for being the most ratchet shit you’ve ever seen. But we’ve done a couple of shows around the states so far. This is probably the biggest one so far. This is like the biggest. This is sick.”

He was right.


I then asked him about what music platforms he uses the most to discover music, to which he replied

“Honestly I have a bunch of people that that’s their job. To go on Soundcloud, go on Spotify…Usually when artists are in spotify they’ve already been discovered. Soundcloud is like the best way. Really, it’s a lot of like friends big friends like “Yo my homie has this track” like you bring this one dude and they have all these homies.”

Then came a playful final question, “Have the Illuminati approached you yet?” His response was equal parts playful and sinister. He joked,

“Not yet. I really want to know the real secrets of life. So if you guys from the Illuminati and you’re listening, hearing, reading, seeing….help me out. Hit me up.”

Then when asked to elaborate he replied,

“I know some shit but I’m not gonna talk about this or I’ll get murdered haha. But seriously the whole entertainment business is just a cover up.”

A memorable end to an entertaining interview. He repeatedly apologized for the distractions and ran off to go get some entertaining Snapchat content. With that we’ll leave you with his music video “Illuminati.”

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