Die Antwoord is Not Breaking Up


The media was in a frenzy last week when Exclaim! published an article suggesting that South African rap duo Die Antwoord was breaking up. This was based off  Exclaim!’s interview with Ninja where he stated in reference to the release of the group’s fifth studio album next Fall, “Die Antwoord dies on that day.”

Yolandi Visser and Ninja have both taken to Instagram since then to deny those claims. Check out the statements below:

yo. we not never gon stop making music, and art and videos and moviez ever… and we alwayz gonna be poppin up fresh in da flesh 2 bust live DA showz here and dere… but only 5 classic muddafukn DA albumz gon get made in dis life time… den we fuck wid sum udda shit… and u lil fuckers shud stop crying and maybe fuck wid sum udda shit 2… its not just us who got brainz and bodiez and voices and dreamz… u lil motherfuckerz better pull yor fingerz out yor asses, get off yor fonez, make sum sick ass shit, and blow da fuk up too😝 entertain us! make sum fukm noise! fuck it! if not why not???😜😜😜… me and @prawn_star and @djhitekisgod and @djmuggs_the_black_goat_ got a WHOLE lotta secret juicy stuffs cookin in da oven… so dont worry angel bumz🍑💋✨… u wont be sorry 4 long!!!! cherish every breath! go hard or go 2 church! da world iz yorz! dafuq u waitin 4? lets get it! yolo muddafukkkaz!!! mount ninji says: energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred… ZEF 2 DEATH bitches😜🔫 foto from V magazine by Inez + Vinoodh❤️ #7moresleepiestillMOUNTNINJI&DANICETIMEKIDcum2play

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