Rebecca Black’s Latest Track “The Great Divide” Is Almost As Bad As Her “Friday” Track [Music Video]

Everyone has to remember Rebecca Black and her earth-shattering track, “Friday,” that got old after you pressed play for the very first time, right? Well, believe it or not, it’s been almost six years since that video came out, and the now, 19-year old, is still making her bid at a musical career with her latest release “The Great Divide” and the Official Music Video to go along with it.

If you’ve seen Selena Gomez’s music video to “Hands To Myself” you’ll instantly see the wanna-be style Rebecca Black takes on her latest Music Video. Although flattering to copy one’s style, Black simply tries to play a mirrored image of Gomez and her sex appeal in this music video, and quite frankly, it’s anything but flattering. In case you hated Black’s attempt at stardom with “Friday,” you might be repulsed at her attempt to bring sexiness into her seemingly revitalized career. Watch at your own discretion.


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