Stream Caspa & Rusko’s New Single “Cheese”

Fresh off their EP 1, Caspa & Rusko are already back with fresh new music. Now, if you have seen the legendary duo live, you experience a magical journey through time as they really show the full evolution of dubstep, drumstep, dnb. Today, with their newest single “Cheese,” the guys will take you on another magical journey.

We wanna keep it special and bring it together for the right opportunities. When we’ve got something great that we’ve worked on in the studio, we’ll put it out. We just want to keep it super fun. – Caspa
There was this spate of studio sessions where we were naming the tracks after what type of weed we were smoking. Most of the tracks have since been renamed to something a bit more sensible and appropriate, but that one is actually still called ‘Cheese,’ after the famous U.K. marijuana strain. – Rusko

Download: Caspa & Rusko – Cheese

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