3LAU Remxies Ariana Grande’s “Into You” To Perfection

Most of you probably know that 3LAU jump started his career with seamlessly flawless mashups – taking mainstream pop vocals and laying them over existing EDM instrumentals, just as the EDM wave was starting to take off here in the U.S. He of course has since taken his talents to originals like “Is It Love.”

But the art of combining vocals and instrumentals of course continues to be the focus of any major vocal effort, so his come-up experience was actually very valuable.

That’s how his highly anticipated Ariana Grande “Into You” remix came about, as he explains in a Facebook post. He also calls this his “favorite thing” he’s created to date, “at least that’s out for listening ;).”

“I heard “into you” on the radio and immediately knew Ariana’s vocal fit this instrumental track I had previously created. I was waiting on the perfect vocal.

I hit up Brett Alperowitz who got me the Ariana – Into You acapella within 24 hrs (you the man!) so that I could test my theory. Turns out it worked! Later that evening, after dinner with Jordan Wagner, Max Weiss, we all went back to my studio and I lined both songs up in a matter of minutes, it was a perfect match (took another week to perfect but still ;).

Just goes to show, mashing things up is its own skill & shouldn’t be renounced as an art form. The following week I played the song for my family at sirius xm & thanks to Jonathan Geronimo Broth, the label approved the remix instantly & it was added to radio before it was even finished!

This is probably my favorite thing I’ve created to date, at least that’s out for listening ;)

Hope you all enjoy it!” – Justin 3LAU

Download: Ariana Grande – Into You (3LAU Remix)t

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