Welcome To FITA 2.0

Since our inception September 21st, 2010, almost 6 years go, FITA has always had one true focus, giving fans – millions of you guys – the content you want, when you want it. Any genre, any size artist, we always tried to fit your tastes, and do so consistently, publishing well over 20,000 posts now.

But while keeping up with all the latest tunes and news (and gossip), it’s no secret we’ve let our user experience – especially on the mobile front, slide a bit as the internet evolves.

Today, that all changes. Let us introduce to you FITA 2.0, with a clean, slick, fresh design that is now MOBILE FRIENDLY, and much FASTER. You’ll be able to experience the same content, but will enjoy doing so much more. Some of you may at first miss being able to play files on the homepage, we get it, honestly we will too, but the site will be a bajillion (actual measure) times faster this way, and we think you’ll get used to it really quickly, as we did.

Thanks to all of you that keep visiting, and of course to our team (shouts to Burnout for over 5 years!) for putting in all the hard work over the years.

P.S. this is just the beginning of the changes. Legggooo.


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