Is Skrillex Reuniting With His Band From First To Last? This ID Seems To Suggests YES

skrillex from first to last

Before Skrillex was the dude topping the charts with Justin Bieber, and even before he was dubstep’s godfather, Skrillex, yes we mean Sonny, was the lead singer for the band From First To Last in the mid-2000’s. They’ve tried to work together over the years, but schedules simply didn’t line up. That is… until now.

Skrillex takes to Beats 1 Radio and debuts a new FFTL ID, and it looks like it features himself, as Sonny Moore. He dubbed it “Bonus Track.” Some have offered the opinion that it might just be an unreleased one from years ago. Take a listen to the possibly new collaboration below. Only time will tell…

And here’s just a blast from the past:


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