Kanye West To Team Up With James Harden For His Own Yeezy’s

kanye adidas

Everyone is hyped about Kanye West‘s decision to join the Adidas family, but not many are as excited to work with him than Adidas’ $200 million signee and NBA All-Star James Harden. The two are already tight from his Kardashian days so this collab is sure to be massive. Harden says nothing is official, but he speculates it will go down within the year. See what he had to say about teaming up with Kanye for his own Yeezy’s:

James Harden: Yeah [we’re going to do a shoe]. Me and ‘Ye haven’t had any conversations yet. I think it could possibly happen in the near future, especially with how well everything’s going and how well he’s doing with the Yeezys. I think everyone’s excited about the wave that’s coming: Off the court, fashion, and on the court. Dame, Kyle Lowry, Wigg, everyone’s excited about everything that’s going on.


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