Kaskade – Jorts FTW (Ft. Too Many Zooz) [Arkade]

A few weeks ago, we teased Kaskade’s upcoming monster of a track “Jorts FTW” featuring Too Many Zooz. Today, the massive jungle anthem has arrived in full!

Too Many Zooz is a band who has made a mark on the music scene creating and performing Brasshouse in NYC. They perform in subways all around the world, and their YouTube videos go viral on the regular. If you have ever been one of their 2+ million viewers you already know why I had to work with them. After seeing one of their many viral sessions recorded in the NYC subway system, I reached out. I was completely taken in. They are mesmerizing with their insane musical talent, raw energy and incredible connection with the unsuspecting mass transit public.
I emailed Too Many Zooz at their generic address, not sure that they’d even get it. Cold calls are rarely received with much warmth. But they hit me back immediately and even said they were fans. This was an obvious match, and we landed in the studio together a few weeks later.
The fire Too Many Zooz bring to their shows is the same intensity in the studio. We hashed out an idea I had in one day, and I took it home to nuance it in my Santa Monica studio.
Jorts FTW is what came out of that session and this song had its debut at Ultra Music Festival. It absolutely crushed the more than 40-thousand strong audience. This song is built to work. It’s massive and rhythmic and with the influence of Too Many Zooz it has the most amazing horn progression. If you don’t get chills while listening to it, something might be wrong with you.

Download: Kaskade – Jorts FTW (Ft. Too Many Zooz)

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