Viceroy – Fade Out (Ft. Gavin Turek)

It’s no question that Viceroy is one of the biggest names in dance music right now. With a stellar past year full of big-name collaborations, chart-topping remixes and buzz-blog no.1’s, Viceroy is constantly making moves. Today, he is back with “Fade Out” featuring Gavin Turek.

For most of my recent singles I’ve either released stuff that’s house tempo or hip hop tempo. For “Fade Out” I wanted to try something in the middle of those two tempo ranges, something with some soul to it, something different yet familiar. I teamed up with the lovely Gavin Turek to create “Fade Out”. Nothing sexier than a disco slow burner. Enjoy!
– Viceroy

When Viceroy reached out to collab, I was excited to hear him venture a bit from his signature production elements with this track. The concept and lyrics came almost immediately when I started writing it…the music just felt right.
– Gavin Turek

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