LOVE THY BROTHER Stun With Debut Original “Love Me Better” Featuring Ariel Beesley

After years of remixes, Toronto brothers Conor and Liam – better known by their moniker LOVE THY BROTHER, finally give fans a debut original worthy of being called a debut original, Billboard premiere and all. “Love Me Better” features luscious vocals from model-singer Ariel Beesley. Great tune.

“This song marks a big moment for Liam and I. Growing up together has had a such huge influence on our music that, in a sense, the track was literally decades in the making.

It’s also our first original and opened up a whole new world of challenges and inspiration. Working with LA based Ariel Beesley and Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor meant hopping around multiple countries, constant flights and strange studios. It’s a whole different game than what we were used to, but by the end of it, we became really tight to the point where we started touring with Ariel and collaborating with Damian on an ongoing basis.

Love Thy Brother has almost become one big family.”

– Conor and Liam

And here’s a peak of the video:

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