Summer Hip Hop Record From Maryland Emcee Tray Jack Stuns

Tray Jack has always struck me as an artist that could go the distance. I don’t know if it is his care-free approach to life or the instrumentals he chooses to lay his magical word play on but this kid is going to somewhere. After one listen you will see what I am talking about. An untangible is at work and if this is the first time hearing of Tray, I recommend you listening to the other songs on his Soundcloud channel.

“One Night” hit the web last week and the Maryland emcee Tray Jack has been all the rage since. This guy has been crushing it for years and we have been supporters since the beginning. His delivery and pen game continue to improve and we can’t wait to see where he is in a year from now. If you have a summer playlist this should 100% be in it. EP will be out soon, for now you can stream this contagious single from Soundcloud.

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