Jez Dior Speaks On Recent Violence On “Fire With Fire”

Jez Dior is just like you and I – he ain’t having all this senseless violence going on right now. So him and his producer homie SMILES recorded “Fire With Fire” to use their audience to send a message. Also features Colin Holbrook. RIP to everyone around the world that left us too soon.

“this week has been as ugly as any we’ve ever seen. last night smiles & I started this song from scratch to just pour out the feelings & emotions we’ve felt watching everything go down…I may not be the biggest artist in the world yet, but I do feel like we must use our voices & the platform we have as artists to speak out for what we believe in & STAND UP against all of this violence. it’s time to show our faces & let our feelings be heard. this song is a rebuke to police officers who abuse their power & kill innocent people, but also a desperate plea to everyone else to not fight “fire with fire”.”

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Jez’s comeback single “Forever” featuring Elijah Blake, it’s fire.

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