Huey Mack – Adderall Thoughts Pt. 2

Long-time fans of Huey Mack already know what’s up just by looking at the title of his latest track. Way back in 2012 when Huey was an up-and-coming frat rapper, he dropped a very personal record titled “Adderall Thoughts” that would become one of his most popular early releases. The song was filled with personal meaning, and it was one of the earliest signs of just how much potential Huey had.

Now, over four years later, Huey is really coming into his own as a true hip-hop artist. He’s adapted a much more versatile and crisp sound, and continued to improve his craft with each and every release. It only makes sense, then, that Huey would add another chapter to one of the most heartfelt songs he had ever written. He takes you on a personal journey throughout “Adderall Thoughts Pt. 2” and once again really opens up to his fans. It’s certainly not an upbeat banger like his last single “Hangover”, but the deep lyrics and smooth production make “Adderall Thoughts Pt. 2” another fantastic song from Huey Mack.

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