Are Desiigner And Lil’ Kim Dating?!


Welcome to 2016, where a celebrity “power couple” like Desiigner and Lil’ Kim is not only completely in the realm of possibilities, but it also just might actually be happening. The two first “linked” up publicly when the 41 year old remixed 19 year old Desiigner’s breakout hit, “Panda.” And she’s been seen on stage with him before.

But the newly uploaded Instagram posts seem to suggest they’ve kept in touch for reasons other hitting the studio. The captions really seem to take the relationship to the next level.

We’re not saying they’re dating, but they’re definitely “dating.” Maybe. But in case they are, it’s a 2.3x age difference which is like Uber surge territory I’d definitely swipe left on. Maybe.

I luh hiiimmmmm ❤️ Your performance was so dope! I I'm so proud of you baby!!! @lifeofdesiigner

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So much fun when we're together!!💃🏽🎉🔥

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He's a real one 💯 Check out @lifeofdesiigner new mixtape #NEWENGLISH on Tidal!!

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And then… there was this, from when she remixed “Panda” earlier this year:

“Ayo Desiigner, we see you baby.”

“Eat the booty like zucchini” – Lil’ Kim 4 months ago


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