Watch Dillon Francis FLIP HIS SHIT On “Get Low” Platinum Plaque Misspelling

dillon francis platinum cirtificatoin

Dillon Francis is of course one of EDM’s most entertaining characters. We expect shenanigans from him, and he delivers. But the latest is no laughing matter. Nope. Dillon Francis has had an atrocity committed against him and he holds nothing back.

Looks like today (Wednesday, June 22nd) Dillon received his very first Platinum plaque – proof that him and DJ Snake have earned 1 million sales on their hit single “Get Low.” He was looking forward to hanging it on the wall and just staring at it for 45 minutes. That’s how amped he was for it to get here.

There was just one problem: SOMEONE IMBECILE MISSPELLED CERTIFICATION: “Certificatoin” … so Dillon goes ape shit, publicly. Must watch:


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