Delta Heavy Talks Music Videos, ‘Paradise Lost’, Festivals + More [Exclusive Interview]


Drum & bass power duo Delta Heavy have been quite busy this year – they recently released their ‘Paradise Lost’ LP, an expansive blend of several genres with their signature bass-heavy touch, along with two animated music videos. And amidst all the music they’re still cranking out tour dates!

We at FITA had a chance to speak with Delta Heavy about the new LP, crafting animated music videos, and the finer points of owning a dragon in this exclusive interview.


1)   Who is Delta Heavy? How did you two meet?
We met in Nottingham where we were both at university.  Shortly after that time we both found ourselves learning the ropes of music production from scratch and decided to attempt to make some music together. After those formative steps the rest is history.

 2) Why drum and bass?
It’s what we both grew up listening to at school and then university.  At that age I wanted music with energy and drum and bass definitely catered for that. Musically there is nothing like it so I think for many people you either get it or you don’t.  We were hooked after that and DJing turned into producing.  

3) What are your Top 5 songs right now?
Flume feat. Little Dragon – Take A Chance
K.FLay – FML (KRNE Flip)
Bro Safari – Follow
Tourist – Waves
Jauz x Netsky – Higher (The Prototypes Remix)

4) If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
We’ve said it countless times but we’d love to do a track with Hans Zimmer.  The guy is a legend.  Beyond that maybe someone like Thom Yorke from Radiohead as you have no idea what the results would be.  I think collaborations with people who bring something very different to the mix are the most exciting.  

5) Who or what has been your biggest inspiration/motivation in producing the Paradise Lost LP?
Paradise Lost as a title came from the poem written by John Milton but it can be interpreted however you like. It is not a specific reference to the poem itself but more harnessing the epic sense it provides. The title came at the very end when we had finished writing all the music and it felt like it suited the sound.  

6) The new LP spans a few different genres and styles  – which track is your favorite and why?
Musically, when we started writing we didn’t really have a plan as such.  We have used the themes of Space and large scale drama in our songs and often reference movies when writing dance floor tunes like Event Horizon.   We wanted the album to feel like a piece of work that would be an audio journey when listened to from beginning to end, so maybe you could compare the album to a movie in that it tells a story through music.

7) Are there any tracks that didn’t make the cut on the album?
We actually handed in a version of the album over a year before it came out but we weren’t happy with all of the songs on there and it felt quite disjointed so we scrapped about 5 tunes and went back to the studio and kept writing which was probably the best decision as we came back with Oscillator, Event Horizon, Cut Me, Paradise Lost and Pathways and these tracks really worked alongside the singles and gave the album the overall mood we were looking for. 

8) You’ve been dropping remixes and originals for years – how did you decide it was time for a full album?
We’ve been slowly building up to it for a long time.  We wanted to release a LP as it would allow us to explore some other avenues of music and try some different sounds.  

9) What was it like creating animated music videos for “Ghost” and “Punish My Love”?
It was a pleasure to be able to work with such talented directors for those videos.  One of the reasons we like to do animated videos is that it allows so much more creative freedom when you don’t have a big budget to work with and it can really add to the persona of the tune.  Making videos to our tracks is really important to us so we always spend quite a bit of time finding the right people to work with.

10) Are you already on to any new projects?
We’ve started writing new music with the aim to have some new tunes out by the end of the year.

11) What are your future plans?
Lots of shows! We’ve been touring in Australia, UK, Europe, US & Canada and Russia and now we’ve got a summer of festivals on the horizon and we’re really excited to be playing Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds Festivals for the first time as well as being back at EDC Las Vegas, SW4 and Creamfields amongst others. 

12) Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?
Having a dragon is reaping all of the benefits of being a dragon without the hassle dragons get. Flying, fire…..  Look at Daenerys Targaryen – she’s smashing it. Best of both worlds!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!