Spotify Breaks 100 Million Users


If you’ve been following FITA for a while now, you’ve noticed that we hopped on the Spotify train years ago, because we knew it was the future of music.

I’ve personally been using the streaming service since late 2011, early 2012, and paying for a premium account since day one. With HQ audio, no ads, and an offline mode that doesn’t kill your data, Spotify has been a game changer. And the numbers prove it.

Spotify has officially become the first streaming platform to break 100 million users and over 30 million of them paid subscribers (as of March 2016).

To put that into perspective, Apple Music is sitting on 15 million subscribers – but in just under a year. Spotify though, has averaged 10 million paid subscribers yearly.

Should be an interesting battle to watch – can both survive in the long run? And don’t forget about TIDAL… jk, you can forget about TIDAL.


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