Marshmello Trolls Everyone, Reveals He’s Really Tiësto At EDC Las Vegas

marshmello tiesto edc las vegas

The “mysterious” Marshmello has been all the hype since he first revealed himself to the world in 2015, keeping his indentity a secret all these days.

Everyone has long suspected that he was the resurrection of Dotcom, who transformed a stalled career into full-blown success. Hell, it was basically confirmed by Skrillex at some point.

At Electric Daisy Carniva’s 20th Anniversary in Las Vegas, our world was turned upside down. Marshmello tells the massive crowd that he’s about to reveal his identity. And then he does. And everyone, expecting to see Chris aka Dotcom… sees… Tiësto instead:

But, as you’ll notice, Tiësto doesn’t say a word. Why? Because his thick Dutch accent would instantly be a giveaway. His name is also Tijs and not Chris, so we’ve all been trolled yet again.

Wonder if we’ll ever truly know the identity of Marshmello? What do you think mello gang?

Well played Marshmello, king of hype.



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