Pusha T Wrote McDonald’s World Famous “I’m Lovin’ It” Jingle


In case outdoing Jay Z in what will surely be one of the greatest drug-rap songs of the decade yesterday wasn’t enough to solidify Pusha T as one of the very best in the game, Steve Stoute just revealed in an interview with Hot 97 that Pusha was behind one of the most well-known jingles in marketing history – McDonald’s infectious and internationally popular “I’m lovin’ it” jingle.

See The Video:

Basically the story goes: McDonald’s got Justin Timberlake on the project who naturally brought his favorite producer at that time, Pharrell. Williams, being childhood friends with fellow Virginia rapper and one half of The Clipse, brought on a young Pusha T to write it. He even recorded a full one minute McDonald’s commercial rapping verses but since he wasn’t well known at the time, it went by generally unnoticed. We understand if you need some time to process this, it blew our minds too.

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