Rage Against The Machine Tease Mysterious New Project

prophets of rage

Have the rock gods blessed us with another epic reunion? I cried tears of joy when the new Chili Peppers album was announced and now the politically-charged band that created a movement and dominated the 90s, Rage Against The Machine, are teasing a new project called “Prophets of Rage!” On Monday mysterious flyers (below) started popping up around LA with the URL on them. The phrase comes from a Public Enemy song of the same name and it just so happens that Chuck D of Public Enemy tweeted out a bunch of RATM links on Tuesday followed by Rage themselves tweeting out the link to the new website which features a clock counting down to June 1st. Will it be a new album? A new tour? With the craziness of the 2016 Presidential Election looming could they be back to save the day with a repeat of the 2000 Democratic Convention concert-turned-riot?? We’ll keep you updated…

prophets or rage flyers

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