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Chance The Rapper Says Collab Mixtape With Childish Gambino Exists In Reddit AMA

chance the rapper childish gambino

Bruhhhhhh. So Chance The Rapper held a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) following the release of his already wildly successful ‘Coloring Book‘ album. He touched on a number of hot topics.

First, Chance confirmed a tour in support of the album, and it’s coming soon.

He also confirmed that the album won’t be an Apple Music exclusive for long, and it’ll be on other platforms within two weeks.

But quite possibly the biggest news, and most buzzworthy for fans, is the confirmation of his long-rumored mixtape with Childish Gambino. Let that sink in for a minute. Somewhere out there, is a project, of Chance + Gambino spitting rhymes back at each other.

Read the full reddit AMA here.

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