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Stream Mike Posner’s Highly Anticipated Album ‘At Night, Alone’

mike posner at night alonne buried in detroit

Mike Posner is a totally different person than he was back in the “Cooler Than Me” days more than half a decade ago. He’s made millions, spent the money on sports cars, girls and shoes. But until last April, his name was just a reminder of a pop song people forgot. He made albums, but scrapped them. ‘Pages’ will likely never see the light of day.

And then, he finally reemerged with the self-reflective “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and mellow, soulful ‘Truth’ EP. The single caught fire with Seeb’s upbeat remix, and Mike Posner was relevant again. His sad song was one of the catchiest pop hits in ages. He was back. But he still had to finish his story.

So today, Mike Posner finally releases his long-awaited album, ‘At Night, Alone.’ Through 10 heartfeld songs and 8 remixes he lets you in. The album features Big Sean and Labrinth.

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