Krewella Reinvent Themselves With “Beggars” (and Dope Kanye West Freestyle At The Haters)

Ever since Krewella first first started making waves literally like half a decade ago, they’ve always been known for both grimy, upbeat tunes, always energetic and full of fire.

You may have known though that they grew up on pop punk, indie rock and metal music, and have been longing to express that side for quite some time now.

But now a lawsuit removed, successful album and countless tours checked off, they show it’s time to be themselves post the Rainman era. Today they premiere the powerful “Beggars” featuring Diskord. It took a lot, but they’ve seamlessly taken their act to the next level and returned to their grimy dubby roots.

The release sees sisters Jahan and Yasmine re-inspired in a turned up music video taking a stand at, well, everything.

This new direction is a hit.

Download: Krewella & Diskord – Beggars

Krewella announced the comeback with a return of Klitty Kat – that is, Yasmine rapping, remixing Yeezy – “I Love Kanye” to be exact.

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