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Gallant Shares First Listen To Deput LP ‘Ology’ On NPR


In a bold & classy move R&B singer Gallant shares his heartfelt debut album ‘Ology’ in full stream through NPR. The soul in these tracks is unrivaled by anything else out there right now and the originality just flows from beginning to end. Beyond the fact that Gallant’s vocals are unreal, stressed from his cries are beautiful melodies the average vocalist couldn’t touch, the instrumentals and production on these songs are beyond crisp lacking any flaws in the mix. One track flowing into the next there isn’t much time to realize these tracks are even changing other than through short pauses creating one cohesive work of art. With the album set to release April 6th through Mind Of A Genius the slow approach to this masterpiece is almost over.

Ology Tracklist:
01. First
02. Talking to Myself
03. Shotgun
04. Bourbon
05. Bone + Tissue
06. Oh, Universe
07. Weight in Gold
08. Episode
09. Miyazaki
10. Counting
11. Percogesic
12. Jupiter
13. Open Up
14. Skipping Stones (feat. Jhené Aiko)
15. Chandra
16. Last

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