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Skrillex & Jauz Release An Adult Swim Music Video For “Squad Out!”

The uber banger “Squad Out!,” between the legendary king Skrillex and huge 2015 success story Jauz, released on Adult Swim Live last year, now has a music video. The track was a landmark showing that Jauz could hang with literally the best of them and now it has a super weird video that follows suit with the late night television channel. The two are stuck on an elevator from hell seeming terrified the whole time of a talking elephant, that represents Fatman Scoop‘s epic MCing, and his minions christmas treeing the floors and flinging them around space. Seems like an odd take on Bill & Ted or something but I’m sure it would make for a good video to pregame to and such. You can grab the track on iTunes below to let the f’n bass drop all day son.

Skrillex & JAUZ – SQUAD OUT! feat. Fatman Scoop

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