The Weeknd Reclaims Toronto In This Dark Bass Twist


The Weeknd (Abel) has been having a huge year, for the last 3 years it seems. Easily one of my favorite acts out there and this remix of “Might Not” by fellow Toronto musician Markus Cole brings back some memories. Abel inspires kids around the world to pursue their dreams with each release. One kid in particular, is Markus Cole. Check out what Mr. Cole has to say about The Weeknd and Belly after the jump..

“I personally have been looking up to The Weeknd a lot recently. We are both from the same area in Canada, called Scarborough, which is located just outside of Toronto. His passion and ambition for music is something I look up to and aspire to have in the future.”

Belly Ft. The Weeknd – Might Not (Markus Cole Remix) | Download |

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