Marc Goone – Lamborghini Tears (Prod. Judge)

The man himself Marc Goone is back, and I feel like I’ve said this before (probably because I have) but I swear every time this man links up with Paul Judge for a new track the music only gets better and better. They may not be household names yet, but Goone and Judge are two of the most talented dudes out there at what they do, and their latest track is a prime example of that.

“Lamborghini Tears” is definitely a very different sound than we’ve heard Marc use before, but as he Tweeted earlier today, “the old Marc Goone is never coming back”. And as much as I love all of his past work, that certainly isn’t a bad thing. This track shows exactly why dope artists switch up their style all the time – what they were doing before was very good, but with some experimenting they’re capable of putting out greatness. That’s exactly what Goone and Judge just did, so stop reading now and just listen to what I’m talking about via the SoundCloud link above!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!