Avicii Named 6th Fastest Growing Business In Europe


Avicii has charted number six on The Inc 5000 Europe list, which every year shows the fastest growing companies in the continent over the last three years. Many don’t think of musicians as individual businesses but in reality successful artists do incorporate and employ a team to keep the brand going, not only in music but all forms of media that can be monetized. Considering that one of the competitors on the list has 190 employees, it is fairly suprising that Avicii charted. When you read the stats though it begins to make sense considering that the company has five employees and in 2014 made €7.7 Million Euros allowing the business to grow 1905% over the term the list covered. Though many think the music industry is hurting in this era, Avicii makes it clear that there is still plenty of room to grow.


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