Site News

So we were hacked… but don’t worry. Also, NEW LAYOUT COMING SOON!

Hey guys,

Misha here (founder). As you’ve noticed the site has been down for a day or two now while we were clearing hentai porn off our files. Almost there, but going to be going up and down for the next day or so so as well.

In the meantime, follow us on Soundcloud where we’ll continue reposting tunes. Spotify account and playlists coming soon too ;)

Also if you haven’t heard, we’ve got a new layout coming out soon. It’s going to be much more 2016 and we will continue to enhance it as the year goes on. And for those of you that hate change, don’t worry, this one will still feel familiar (I’ve been testing it the last month or so and it grows on you instantly), and we’ll also soon enough have a way to trigger the old theme if you really do prefer it.

But the new FITA is (literally) 100x faster, 100% mobile friendly, and sexy (oxford comma because it makes more sense that way here).


And you know what, here’s a preview (keep in mind these are outdated screenshots and things will be cleaned up more before launch!):

fita wip 1

new fita 3

new fita 2


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!