Kanye Debuts New Song, Announces New Album This Summer (May Be ‘Watch The Throne 2’)


Earlier today, Kanye West went on a Twitter rant (shocker, I know). He talked about The GRAMMYs, Young Thug, entrepreneurship and his “$53 mil in personal debt” (which btw means he’s down $53 mil of his own money and hasn’t made it back yet… he’s still filthy rich), etc.

Amidst this tirade he tweets “New album coming this summer” because clearly the buzz surrounding ‘The Life Of Pablo‘ wasn’t enough as it only has over 100 MILLION streams since its release and has since doubled TIDAL’s subscribers. Nope, Yeezy wants to completely own 2016, with yet another project.

And rumor has it… it may be ‘Watch The Throne 2‘ with JAY Z as Mike Dean seamed to “confirm” but definetly no confirmation here.

mike dean watch the throne 2 kanye jay z

But clearly HOV wouldn’t release a project as artsy as TLOP, so are we going to hear a different side of Ye later this year?

And to top it all off… how about a new song today? “Closet Thing to Einstein” paying homage to another late icon a la Pablo, who he likens himself to. The track features Sampha.

Listen here:

He also took on Taylor Swift, Amber Rose and more prior to debuting the song, which you must listen to as well:

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