Paul McCartney Denied At Tyga’s GRAMMY Afterparty


5:15 PM PT — A rep for Argyle claims Paul was not denied at the door, but instead there was a mix up. The rep tells us Paul was trying to go to the Mark Ronson’s Republic Records party (which was at Hyde Lounge) … and once he figured that out he left. We’re told the club absolutely would have let Paul in if he wanted access. – TMZ

Sounds like a cover up lol.


I’ve seen it all now. Just how exclusive do some of these celeb gatherings get?! I get that it’s the GRAMMYs but when arguably the most iconic musician alive is at your doorstep… and you turn him down, what’s going through your mind? Please Tyga, walk me through your decision making process when you turned down Paul McCartney for your afterparty.

But at the same time, the fact that Paul McCartney is even trying to get into Tyga’s party is out of this world as well.

And to top it off… Tyga and Bow Wow were of course told that Sir Paul McCartney was rejected:


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