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Kanye Has 40 Tracks With Kendrick Lamar, 40 With Young Thug, Will Never Sell ‘TLOP’

kanye pablo tlop

In today’s edition of Kanye West antics alongside ‘TLOP‘ we’ve got mind boggling pieces of information. First, we learn that pushing the for sale date for the album wasn’t enough, Ye has apparently completely axed the release, keeping it a TIDAL exclusive forever.

Sure, he may have some equity in the product… but… there’s no way I’m signing up for TIDAL just to get it.

Therefore, ‘TLOP’ became my first pirated album of 2016, with only Adele’s and Taylor Swift’s in the same boat last year because they’re not on Spotify. Hell, I’d rather go and buy a physical CD in 320 quality to bump in my car than sign up for yet another streaming service.

If you want to do a 1 week exclusive on the service of your choice to give it that extra boost in traffic, sure, go for it by all means. But by not releasing it on other platforms, you’re driving people back to illegal downloads. What in the world does HOV have on him?!

But, on a much brighter note, looks like G.O.O.D. Fridays are here to stay, and Yeezy has TONS of material from both Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug. 40 tracks a piece he says.

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