Family Guy Tries To Shazam Daft Punk & Lana Del Rey And LOL

This past week on Family Guy, they tackled two issues plaguing the music for millennial generation: being completely ignorant to how sample-filled today’s music is, and being totally satisfied with a lot of the trash coming out nowadays.

For the first, Peter and Quagmire get into a back and forth on whether or not the jukebox is playing Billy Joel, or Daft Punk. Cleveland introduces Shazam, which quickly identifies the tune playing as Daft Punk’s version.

Peter, naturally, is curious on how Shazam would interpret his fart. To everyone’s surprise, they name one of the few artists in this day and age actually making beautiful, artistic music, Lana Del Rey (although most of it sounds like it belongs as a movie score).

And for shits and giggles as you listen on… this got me good:

Peter: “What’s an app?
Cleveland: “They’re little programs you use on the phone while driving.”

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!