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Kanye Sheds Light On ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Title Meaning, Claims To Be $53 Mil In Debt

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Moments before taking the stage of Saturday Night Live, Kanye‘s thumbs were busy yet again on Twitter. One of the more important messages today was that on the title of his album ‘The Life Of Pablo‘ (which should drop very soon). Yeezy illuminated that the album was not inspired by Pablo Picasso or Escobar… in fact, it wasn’t even a “Pablo” at all.

He was referring to Paul the Apostale.

The Life Of Paul.


But that’s not all he revealed tonight.

He apologized for all his profanity – and forshadowed the “journey” will begin in a “few hours.”


And last but not least, we received this peculiar and unexpected reveal that he’s $53 million in “personal debt.”

What? Last we heard he was worth well over $100 million, not to mention married to Kim Kardashian. Not sure what that one means, but maybe he’ll shed some light on that subject as well. But first… give us ‘TLOP.’

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