[MUST LISTEN] ‘Death Cab For Yeezy’ Album Joins Kanye West & Death Cab For Cutie

Ohhhhh man. Kanye West over Death Cab For Cutie?! Why wasn’t this thought of a decade ago?! This takes me back to the glory days, to the peak of the A vs. B mashups.

The art of joining two songs perfectly was such a sought after skill set back in the day, but was quickly obliterated when the EDM wave came crashing down. Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, White Panda, etc. led the pack.

And what we have for you today, is reminiscent of all that. And what fucking perfect timing, as it’s currently YEEZY SEASON, with Ye’s new album premiering earlier today.

Some genius took to reddit to show off their ‘Death Cab For Yeezy‘ album and WOW, the consider the internet broken. ‘The Life Of Pablo‘ who?!

This is amazing. Just hit play and prepare to vibe out.

Oh and of course Death Cab shared it. Huge.

Death Cab for Yeezy

Posted by Death Cab for Cutie on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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