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Kanye West Reveals ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Album Title & “Final” Tracklist


Kanye West‘s new album (may) finally have an official name: ‘So Help Me God‘ ‘SWISH‘ ‘WAVES‘ …

The Life Of Pablo.’

And, he seems to have shared the “final” ‘The Life Of Pablo’ tracklist (hopefully):

Which somehow doesn’t include “No More Parties In LA” featuring Kendrick Lamar – which mentions “Pablo.” Wut?

With less than a day (Feb. 11th) to go until its release, you’d think this all would have been finalized, or at the very least, have a title. Ye’s had us on a wild goose chase, caused either by his ever-flowing creative mind and perfectionist persona, or a clever marketing ploy.

Regardless, well done sir. Can’t wait to see what you’ve created. And by that I mean it fucking better be 1000x > than ‘Yeezus‘.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!