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You Can Now Stream Rihanna’s Platinum Album ‘ANTI’ Normally (Not via TIDAL)


Although a million free copies of ANTI were made available through TIDAL, unless you were one of the lucky “few” or still download music illegally (or *gasp* actually use TIDAL), chances are you may not have heard Rihanna‘s new album. Like, I had to use windows media player to listen to this thing. It’s 2016 c’mon. Anyway, have no fear, ANTI is now out on all DSPs and available worldwide.

The album went platinum from day numero uno, securing 1.4 million FREE album downloads in the first 15 hours. That’s right, Rihanna went platinum without selling a single album to the public. All thanks to a $25 mil deal HOV got her with Samsung, which included the purchase of 1 million copies (at a discounted) rate. Nuts.

You can read more about this “controversy” on Stereogum here.

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