Vaski Releases Debut Album “Night Sessions”

Long time fans of dubstep will know that Vaski is a veteran of the bass music scene. With productions that extend back to 2010 from the earliest of memories (and probably even further back than that), the man has since come along with his sound as all producers do when making music for such a wide expanse of time. A series of filthy singles & EPs have garnered the ears of many, but now it’s time for something more serious. The album process can be strenuous, but Vaski has executed his debut LP with flare. May we present “Night Sessions”.

The 10-tracker is mainly testament to the producer’s individual sound, with only¬†Anna Yvette & Lippy Laske billing on the features list. Listening through we are divulged into Vaski’s life story and the development of his artistic capabilities. Whilst we get the usual heaviness with tracks like “Willy Wonka”, he’s not afraid to experiment with more unique sounds such as “Los Angeles”. My personal favourite has to be “One Night Only” with it’s raucous synths casually bleeping over a head-nodding beat.

What “Night Sessions” demonstrates is that Vaski is hear to stay, and there’s something for fans old and new. Download the LP below.

Download: Vaski – Night Sessions

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