Meek Mill Suggests Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Slipped Him Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” Lyrics

The ghost writer told me! 😂

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Meek Mill takes to Instagram with a semi cryptic message about his re-surging Drake beef, saying “Ghostwriter told me.” You would think he is joking but, is it really a coincidence that “War Pain” followed “Summer Sixteen” so perfectly, so in sync?

Listen to “Summer Sixteen.”

Listen to “War Pain.”

And here’s the logic:

meek mill quentin drake summer sixteeen

Da fuq? How is this even a thing? So first it takes you 6 months to come up with a solid response to “Back To Back” and now… you’re ADMITTING YOU CHEATED TO DO IT? ARE YOU TRYING TO LOSE? How are you not ashamed? And most importantly, why do we all give a shit…?

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