Bryce Fox Returns To The Music Scene With Refreshing New Single “Burn Fast”

Where’s my Midwest fam at? Any IU alum out there? While I myself didn’t attend Indiana, Bryce Fox did a number of years back and while he was there he cultivated one of the biggest anthems for a Midwest university to date in This Is IU. Ringing any bells? How about his other side project Kresado with Lauren Vogel & Danny Olson? Now that you have taken a trip down memory lane, click play on his new indie-pop sounding single “Burn Fast.” Ahhhhh the feels. Bryce, like most artists with a pen, paper and a dream, recently moved to LA to test the waters of the music industry for real.

A three chord wonder with drowned out chord progressions carefully crafted through the verses leading to a BIG echoey chorus with booming drums that feature a reverb eerily similar to something you would hear in the 80’s. And when I say big chorus, I mean you will be humming and nodding your head along, because it is that catchy. Bryce, I applaud you on your comeback and am looking forward to you gracing our eardrums with more fantastic works of art in 2016.

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